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Pennine Way

The walk is from Cow green Reservoir to Wynch Bridge following the River Tees
downstream on the Pennine way
Distance App 10 to 11 miles
Mainly Flat only a couple of short climbs
Terrain  Paths and a rocky riverbank(in parts)
Pub at Langdon Beck (check opening times) a slight detour needed for this
Map Explorer OL131
Highlights  Cauldron Snout,Highforce and Lowforce waterfalls
This is a NOT  a circular walk we used two cars parked one at the end of the walk
( layby at the telephone box  Bowlees B6277)  and one at the beginning, the
 parking area at Cow Green reservoir,then drove back to Cow Green to collect.

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A stormy Cow Green Reservoir

After parking pick up the small road that heads towards the dam and continue to the dam wall.
Walk down past the dam to pick up the Pennine Way ,this takes you over rocks
and past Cauldron Snout, a series of waterfalls.
This bit can be tricky in the wet, and in places there is not a lot of path,but we
just climbed over the rocks until we reached the bottom by the river.
(see below link below  for more Photos)

More Photos

Once at the bottom just follow the river.As you continue downstream the path is
just rocks for the next couple of miles , although in places planks and slabs have been put down.
As you continue the scenery is suberb,especially if you look back up the river.
After approx 4.5 miles the path leaves the river and goes up a small hill be careful
here as the path took a detour,the Pennine way then crosses Harwood Beck at Saur bridge,
carry on downstream the beck then merges with the Tees,
shortly after you come to another bridge which you cross and follow the
path as it begins to climb a hill,walking away from the river  (approx 6 miles into walk now)
past a farm continue through gates and continue uphill

After a short climb the path has been laid using slabs,the path climbs and levels out on
Bracken Rigg ( some nice views can be had from here) as it descends you get
a view down the the valley.Carry on past the quarry on the opposite bank and soon
 you reach High Force waterfall.

High Force waterfall has the highest unbroken fall of water in Enland approx 70ft
drop.It is best seen after rain, although its always impressive

Walk past the falls to an outcrop to get the best view of Highforce (also a nice place to stop for a rest)
then have a last look at this natural wonder and continue (approx 2 miles to go)
on the final leg past Low Force  waterfall and on to Wynch bridge.
Wynch bridge is a suspension bridge cross the Tees,go over this,through the trees across the field
 to the main road and layby to your car.
Enjoy The Walk