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Cloud Farm ( Doone Valley)

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Cloud Farm ( Doone Valley )

Location         A pretty valley setting next to a river in the heart of exmoor
                             near to the tiny village of Oare

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A very charming site situated next to Badgworthy water .A flat site
located in three fields running up the secluded valley.Site amenities include a small shop selling groceries,it has a off licence inside and also has a tea shop selling cakes and snacks.
The site is unusual in the fact that it allows open fires,but this can also have a downside as smoke can make your tent smell.
I stayed here on a bank holiday in May 2005 and the place was heaving,this was ok to a point but there seemed no rules on how close tents were pitched, we had comlete strangers pitch within 2ft of our tent which is crazy.
We counted in excess of 150 tents and with this amount of campers you would
expect a reasonable about of toilets and showers,not so, a new toilet block
was built two years ago ,but it was a joke ,a urinal plus a toilet and two showers
for men and similar for women,plus a disabled toilet which was locked,there were also a few washing up points  were the water was cold.
Now this place is charging over 7 per night per person  in high season,they need to sort this out,
or limit the pitches.
My advice on this site is to stay clear at peak times as it gets far to busy,but pay
it a visit mid week when its a lot quieter as it is in a charming spot.
I did not find a pub within walking distance but with a log fire,a few tins cooling in
the river and good company its joy.

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